What is the Best Family Tent for Camping

5 Great Camping Tents for Families: A Few ReviewsThere’s nothing quite like getting out into the great outdoors with the family! I have fond memories of fishing, hiking and roasting marshmallows by the fire. Many people prefer an RV, but personally I love camping in a tent.

If you have a family, moncler outlet store you have two options. You can cheap moncler coats mens get a bunch of little tents and set them all up, or moncler outlet online you can get a family sized camping moncler womens jackets tent that sleeps 5 or 6 people in comfort.

Family camping tents are the best option if you’re concerned with safety and security, since you aren’t separated. They’re a great option for a family with small children, so you discount moncler jackets can attend to them more easily if they’re spooked or restless. Personally, I find them preferable for another reason: with only one tent to put up and break down, your campground setup time is reduced.

There are a lot of great looking family sized tents for camping out there, but they’re not all ideal. It’s hard to tell how great a shelter will be simply by looking at the box. This article will be outlining a couple of the best family tents, offering some reviews and suggestions moncler outlet woodbury to ensure you make a wise investment. Little things can make a big difference, especially out in the woods!

Choosing the Right Tent for Large FamiliesBefore we get into the family tent reviews proper, I wanted to touch on a few things you might want to ponder before diving in.

Tent Sizing and Sleeping Area:

It’s not always the case, but generally speaking, tent manufacturers are quite ‘generous’ in their sleep estimates. When best moncler jackets they say that a tent sleeps four, that typically cheap moncler sale means that you can feasibly fit four people of average size, with almost no room to spare.

It’s true! That’s why I recommend that you buy a tent that’s a ‘person or two’ bigger than your needs. A 6 person tent is a great size moncler online store for a family women moncler jackets of 4, for example. That also lets you spread out your bags and stuff a bit more.

With small children, obviously, you won’t need quite as much space. So just use your best judgement!

I’d say that one of my chief requirements for any tent for family camping would be breathability. That means you’ll get good airflow throughout the night.

Nothing is worse than waking up to that stuffy feeling! It seems strange that a fabric tent wouldn’t breathe well, but many are notoriously bad when it moncler sale online comes to airflow. The best family tents, even large ones, moncler sale outlet feature built in airflow features, so you don’t have to leave the flap open.

Wenzel Klondike: One of the Best Tents for a Family of 5+If space is really the name of the game for you, you have to moncler sale check out the Klondike by Wenzel. It’s a large, uk moncler outlet spacious tent that can be used in a bunch of clever ways.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about this tent is moncler outlet the fact that it has a large, square section at the front. This uk moncler sale ‘screen room’ is a very cheap moncler jackets womens useful addition to your moncler usa camping experience. Why? Because it has many functions!

With the moncler outlet prices sides zipped down, the screen room becomes cheap moncler jackets a wonderful sun shade area for hot days. Zip up the mesh, and you’ll have respite from mosquitoes and other pests. Zip up the waterproof sides, and you have an extra sleeping space, or a place to stash extra gear.

The main dome itself is very tall and spacious. With 6’5 clearance at the highest point, it’s a good one cheap moncler jackets mens for tall guys like myself. Two huge screen windows allow for excellent air movement during the night. You can zip them closed during wet weather or wind.

This is a large tent! You’ll probably need two people to set it up, especially when it comes to attaching the fly. In total, you’ll have almost 160 square feet of sleeping area! It’s one of the best tents for families of 5 and up, because you’ll have plenty of elbow room.

Setup takes about 20 minutes (classic pole construction, and I’d make sure to secure the corners well, since https://www.monclerdownjacket.biz there is so much surface area for wind to push on. It fits into an included duffel, and the whole tent has a 10 year warranty against defect.

The Klondike reviews as one of the top large family tents on the market today.

Ozark Trail: A Spacious ‘Cabin Frame’ Family Camp TentI love this tent! Made by Ozark Trail, it is the perfect camping solution for anyone who suffers from ‘tent claustrophobia’. It is spacious, airy, and features a wonderfully high ceiling.

The first thing you’re likely to notice about the Prescott is the unique floor plan and roof shape. It has an external frame, and it’s shaped much like an A frame cabin

The unique shape gives it an almost house like feel when inside. There are even separate rooms inside. It is bright and the ceiling is about 7 feet high.

Floorspace wise, it has about 168 square feet of room. That’s enough for 3 queen sized air mattresses to fit inside!

Some nice features: It has a divider built into the centre of the room. That means you can easily separate the two sides and give some privacy for changing and sleeping.

Another nice feature are the little cutout windows. This allows you to have a little fresh air flowing through without cracking the door flap. There’s also a special flap for running a power cord inside.

The mesh windows are huge, and provide excellent ventilation and breeze. If the weather is clear, I highly recommend leaving the mesh roof open to the stars, it’s great.

The rain fly fits over the external frame for good protection during wet weather. Setup is a two person job, but not terribly time consuming once you have it figured out (Pro tip: erect the centre first!). This tent is quite heavy, so not the best choice for backpackers!

With a unique shape and airy comfort, the Ozark Trail is a family sized tent for camping in style!

Big Horn: A ‘Multi Room’ Family Camping TentOne big problem with camping as a family? Lack of separation! Kids are great, but parents need a break, and moncler uk outlet a visual barrier is a good way to get some peace.

This family sized tent for camping, by Browning, solves the problem of the ‘shared space’, by having erectable fabric walls that can moncler outlet sale be put up to create separate rooms inside.